Community Health Center

AxessPointe Community Health Centers in Kent, Ohio, is pleased to be a recipient of Title X federal funding for our Portage County facility.  This grant provides the funds that put reproductive health care within everyone’s reach.  All our patients at our Kent location, regardless of income or medical insurance, can get the reproductive health care they need.

These funds financially enable AxessPointe in Kent to improve the reproductive health of men, women and children in our surrounding communities.

What is Title X Funding for Community Health Centers?

The Title X Family Planning Program is a federal grant program. It provides funding for healthcare centers to administer family planning services and reproductive health services. These services include contraception counseling, and breast and cervical cancer screenings.  Additional services provided include testing and treatment for STD’s, and pregnancy diagnosis and counseling.

These services are available to patients of all ages and walks of life.  Therefore, from high school, to college, to middle-aged to mature adults, we have you covered.  The care you need is right here, regardless of insurance or income.

Who Benefits from Title X Funding?

Everyone in the community benefits when patients are supported with their reproductive health care. Birth control, STD prevention, family planning and preventive care are integral to the health of our whole community.

In addition to birth control and screenings, these services will improve pregnancy outcomes, and the health of mothers and babies. Furthermore, for many women and men, reproductive health care with AxessPointe in Kent will serve as an entry point into the healthcare system.  Naturally, the more we see our healthcare provider, the healthier our community will be.

The Care You Deserve in Portage County

AxessPointe in Kent has received these funds and now wants to provide YOU with the care you deserve.  Make an appointment for convenient and affordable reproductive health care.  It is our mission to provide expert medical care and sexual health information through patient services and education. No one is denied services for lack of insurance or ability to pay.

Whether you need an annual check-up, screening, birth control or pregnancy care, call AxessPointe in Kent and make an appointment today.  We care and we have you covered