Uninsured AxessPointe Kent Ohio

You just found out you’re pregnant… the emotional impact of this moment is different for every woman.  Some are thrilled, some are nervous, and some are simply shocked.   The wide array of emotions is different for every mom-to-be. But there is something all these women have in common.  They need to take care of themselves and their unborn baby.  They need high quality, affordable pregnancy care.

AxessPointe in Kent, Ohio offers affordable pregnancy care to all women.  This includes uninsured or under-insured patients.  We provide thoughtful, prenatal care both you and your baby deserve.

Good Prenatal Care Begins with that First Call

Good prenatal care begins with your initial appointment.  Call our office as soon as you know you are pregnant so we can schedule your first exam.  This appointment will include blood work, urine test, pelvic exam, weight and blood pressure checks.  Throughout your pregnancy AxessPointe will provide the necessary health screenings, ultrasounds, and monitoring you and your baby need to help get you safely to your delivery date.

Regular visits with our AxessPointe medical staff will reduce your risk of complications.  Our affordable pregnancy care appointments will monitor you for serious conditions such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.

Furthermore, our AxessPointe team will advise you about the healthiest choices you can make throughout your pregnancy.  Things like diet, prenatal vitamins, and exercise can make a significant difference for your health as well as your baby.

As your pregnancy progresses, AxessPointe will provide assistance to connect you with a local hospital and obstetrician that will deliver your baby.  Again, our goal is to provide you the peace of mind of knowing you have a delivery plan in place.

Is AxessPointe Affordable Pregnancy Care TRULY Affordable?

AxessPointe offers the same high-quality services to ALL patients, regardless of their insurance status.  All healthcare services are determined by a sliding-fee scale established during your intake.  No one is turned away.

If you do not have insurance, or your co-pay is out of reach, don’t worry.  Call our office and make an appointment with one of our healthcare providers. Let the scheduler know your situation and we will get you set up.  Our scheduler will ask you to bring proof of income documents to your appointment.  Of course, our staff will answer any questions you have about what documents to bring.

Then you simply show up for your appointment and complete our new patient forms.  You will turn them in along with the proof of income forms you brought.  That’s it! You can now head in for your appointment.

Finally, for additional reassurance, AxessPointe will work with you on a payment plan if needed.  We truly have you covered for the affordable pregnancy care you and your baby deserve.

Call Today and Get Peace of Mind

In addition to affordable pregnancy care, our healthcare teams provide diagnosis, treatment, and preventive medical and dental services. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurances. Additionally, we provide a sliding-fee scale based on family size and income.

Give yourself peace of mind with quality medical care while you’ve got Baby-on-Board.