LGBT Health Services Kent, Ohio

Every human deserves access to reproductive healthcare, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. At AxessPointe, we provide caring and compassionate service and staff for everyone. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community members in Portage County can count on us for inclusive and confidential care.

The Basic Breakdown: LGBT Style

Let’s take a look at some of the vocabulary.
  • Biological Sex: Based on your anatomy; male, female or intersex.
  • Gender Identity: Refers to your legal status as male or female, as well as how you refer to yourself socially. Gender identity is expressed through behaviors: masculine, feminine, both or neither.
  • Transgender: Means biological sex and gender identity do not match.
  • Sexual Orientation: Describes who you are attracted to; can be gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight. If you are unsure about your sexual orientation, you may use the term, “questioning.”

Everyone Needs Reproductive Healthcare

Regardless of the terms you have chosen to describe yourself, your sexual and reproductive health is important. You need medical professionals and a support system you feel comfortable with to make sure you show up for your wellness visits.

AxessPointeis a friendly, welcoming environment for every member of our Portage County community. You can find our convenient offices and understanding staff in downtown Kent. 

LGBT Services Provided at the AxessPointe Kent Location:

Access to safer sex technologies: ways to protect against HIV and other STDs

Contraceptive counseling and services: birth control guidance and options

Counseling on fertility options: help conceiving to grow your family

Hormone therapy: hormone medication administered to more closely align your biological body with your gender identity

Partner violence and sexual violence: Help dealing with physical, verbal, emotional, economic or sexual abuse

Pregnancy related services: Monthly and weekly doctor visits to monitor the well-being of mother and child

Reproductive health screenings: wellness exams including pap test, breast exam, pelvic exam, STD testing and cancer screenings

STD risk prevention: access to and guidance regarding the use of condoms and more

STD testing and treatment: judgement-free tests and plans to treat for most STDs