mens health services kent, ohio

While it is important to see a primary care physician regularly to monitor your health, it is just as important to see a medical professional regarding your sexual and reproductive health—regardless of your sex.

At AxessPointe Community Health Center in Kent, Ohio, we provide men’s health services that range from routine exams to sexual health services to cancer screenings.

Men’s Health Services Available at AxessPointe

Regardless of your questions or concerns, you can count on AxessPointe to provide the education, guidance, testing and treatment you need. Our offerings include:
  • Erectile dysfunction exam and treatment: Also referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction occurs when you can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sex. It may be caused by physical or psychological reasons, which can usually be determined during a medical exam. If underlying reasons can’t be determined, a medical professional may prescribe treatment or medication.
  • Jock itch treatment: This fungal infection occurs when men’s clothing is too tight, trapping moisture on the genital, thigh and butt skin. It causes itchy, red, often ring-shaped spots on affected areas. Topical antifungal medications are often prescribed.
  • Male infertility screening and referral: A male’s inability to impregnate a female is often caused by deficiencies in semen. It affects about 7% of men. AxessPointe can test semen quality and make recommendations as to next steps for growing your family.
  • Premature ejaculation exam and treatment: Occurs when orgasm and expelling of semen happens before or shortly after sex begins. It can be caused by physical ailments, such as prostate disease, ED or hyperthyroidism, or psychological issues, including stress and anxiety.
  • Vasectomy referrals: We do not perform vasectomies—the surgical procedure for male sterilization—but we can recommend an appropriate medical professional based on your specific situation and preferences.
  • Cancer screenings: Some forms of cancer are specific to males, including testicular and prostate cancer. It is important to be tested if you and your medical professional feel there is reasoning. AxessPointe can provide thorough, confidential testing and provide next steps, should you need them.

Take Control of Your Sexual and Reproductive Health

Our AxessPointe Kent location provides all Portage county residents—men and women— safe and confidential access to reproductive healthcare. Make your wellbeing a priority. If you have any questions about men’s health, you can reach our Kent offices at 330-673-1016.